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For the past 30 years, we have offered personalized assistance on grain vac farm sales and service to the farmers of Alberta.

Want to see our Grain Vacs and clean up products in action on the farm and the elevator?

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Walinga Grain-Vac

On-Site Service:
From Grain Vacuum Tune-ups to Blower service.
We can get your vac back to peak performance right in your yard!

Technical Support:
You can phone, fax or email us for technical support.

Grain Vac Parts and Accessories:
Fast access to all parts and accessories:
- Grain Vac Upgrade kits
- Lightweight cleanup kits
- Factory rebuilt grain vacuum blowers

Now, the Best for $2200 Less.

Walinga 7614F

Now until March 1, 2017, you can purchase our 7614F fully equipped grain vac for a substantial discount. It comes with a PTO, 36 feet of hose, a nozzle and a bin clean-up package. And the 7614F has plenty of capacity to move grain. It can move 4500 Bu/hr of corn or 3900 Bu/hr of wheat through an 8 foot hose and 3700 Bu/hr of corn through a 42 foot hose or 3200 Bu/hr of wheat over the same length.

Don’t miss out on this limited time discount. Call us at 403-279-8204 or send us a message online. When you do, you’ll agree with us.

Walinga – Tough to Beat in the Long Run