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Big Dog Argi-Vac
Walinga Argi-Vac
For Maximum Loading Capabilities

How It Works

  • Walinga Super Blower creates vacuum to draw in air and grain
  • Grain & air are separated in the receiver
  • Material flows into unique drop thru/blow thru airlock
  • Cyclonic action precleans the air before it moves into the blower
  • Pressure from blower moves material out of airlock and into bin or truck
How a Grain Vac Works


  • Super Chrome (Patented) Positive Displacement Blower
  • Fully Adjustable Discharge Height (up to 13' 8")
  • Hydraulic Boom Rotation (on HBR models)
  • Capability to move all types of product from wheat to meadow broam grass
Features of a Grain Vac